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Free, easy and safe keylogger for Windows.

Shadow Keylogger is a free, simple and safe keylogger for Windows which lets you record keyboard and screen activity secretly. While recording, Shadow Keylogger is designed to be completely invisible to the user, who will not realise they are being recorded. Thanks to its simple interface and ability to run without installing anything on the computer, Shadow Keylogger can be deployed in a few seconds and doesn't leave any traces behind.

- Full keyboard logs (with context and time included) to see the activity
- Optional screenshot recorder (with rate and quality controls)
- Clear and minimal interface, which means you can start recording in seconds.
- Powerful single-click deployment feature (Automatic Setup), which can be configured to run instantly from memory sticks or on startup
- Very small memory size, only 400KB which is over 95% smaller than most other free keyloggers.
- Local backups, optionally save the records to a secret file on the computer.

Unlike other keyloggers, we respect the information recorded in every session with the highest level of privacy. For this reason, Shadow Keylogger does not, and will never, connect to the internet, nor attempt to share any of the data it records with any second or third party. Your personal data remains within the application at all times, so nothing will be saved to your hard drive, unless of course you specify a location for the data to be backed up to.

Any person who is concerned about the kind of activity that their computer is being used for when they are not present. For this end, Shadow Keylogger can provide the essential tools to monitor screen and keyboard use.

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User reviews about Shadow Keylogger

  • hima untika

    by hima untika

    good apps because this apps can help me for pc security good

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    You cannot say this one is not good..
    I like different kinds of keyloggers and I tried many kind of keyloggers too. This Shadow Keylogger is pre More


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